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The BioSecure Network of Excellence ( is pleased to announce


BMEC 2007: the BioSecure Multimodal Evaluation Campaign


Multimodality (joint use of several modalities) is often presented as a way to :

  • improve the performance of the monomodal systems, specially in case of degraded acquisition conditions
  • improve resistance to forgeries
  • limit the failure to enroll

The objectives of the present evaluation campaign are to test on two pre-defined scenarios the validity of such assessments.

The data that will be used for this evaluation correspond to 2 different datasets from the BioSecure multimodal database: DS2 (laboratory data base with face, iris, speech, fingerprint and hand modalities) and DS3 (acquisition on a PDA in mobile, indoor/outdoor conditions of talking faces, fingerprint and signatures).

Two different scenarios have been identified:

An "access control" scenario on DS2 data: still face, fingerprint, iris, hand.

A "mobile" scenario on degraded data from DS3: talking faces, face video sequences, signature, fingerprint.

Both scenarios will include multimodal evaluation on scores fusion. Those experiments will be open to every participant. Otherwise, monomodal experiments in the mobile scenario are only open to Biosecure members due to restriction in distributed raw data outside the NoE. 






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