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Mobile Scenario : Protocol

The mobility scenario is particularly interesting to test the robustness of mono and multimodal systems to forgeries and degraded acquisition conditions.

We propose two different types of evaluations : monomodal and multimodal.

The objective of the monomodal evaluations is to improve the performance of the Reference systems already available for each modality.

The objective of the multimodal evaluation is to test and compare score fusion algorithms and strategies.

-> Protocols details.

5 different competitions are open :

Monomodal evaluation (only for Biosecure members):

  • Talking Face
  • Face video sequences
  • On-line handwritten signature
  • Fingerprint

Multimodal evaluation : Scores (provided by reference systems) will be distributed as development data.

Multimodal evaluation will be open to every participant.  Otherwise, monomodal experiments are only open to Biosecure members due to restriction in distributed raw data outside the NoE.  

For each evaluation, a development dataset will be made available to the registered participants. The evaluations will be conducted at the organizers' facilities (GET-INT and UNIFRI) using the submitted executable files on a sequestered database, with the same characteristics as those of the development databases.


A different registration has to be done for each evaluation, separately.

A participant can register to one or several evaluations.


Important dates:

Deadline for participant registration : 30 April 2007

Development Databases available:

  • monomodal: 30 April 2007
  • multimodal: 15 May 2007

Deadline for algorithms submission

  • momodal algorithms: 30 June 2007
  • multimodal algorithms: 15 July 2007

Results available on this web site: September 2007

Final Workshop : end of September 2007