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Submission Instructions

The participants in the experiments of the mobile scenario have to read carefully the next submission instructions before they submit their system:

○ Each participant is required to provide:

  • 2 or 3 executables (it depends on the experiment). The inputs / outputs of these executables are imposed by the organizer (see the description below). Furthermore, the form of the executables has to be either a perl script or a binary obtained by the compilation of C/C++ source code.
  • 2 descriptive documents: a theoretical documentation which contains some general, high-level information about their algorithms and a technical documentation which describes the form and the architecture of their executables.

○ The executables will be run by the organizer on a Linux cluster.

○ The participants taking part in one of the four monomodal experiments (fingerprint, on-line handwritten signature, talking face and face video sequences) are required to submit three executables:

  • Features extraction: This executable aims at pre-processing the input data file. Then, it extracts the features from the pre-processed file. It takes as input one data file (from the BioSecure mobile database) and outputs features files.
  • Model creation: This executable aims at building a client model from extracted features. It takes as inputs the features files needed to build the model and outputs the client model file. This executable is required only for the algorithms using a model.
  • Matching: This executable aims at matching test features and a client model. It takes as inputs the test features files and the client model file and provides a score.

It is noticed that the format of the features and model files is not imposed by the organizer.

○ The participants taking part in the multimodal (fusion) evaluation are required to submit one executable for each scenario (see the page Mobile Scenario / Protocol):

  • Fusion: This executable aims at fusing monomodal scores. It takes as inputs 3 monomodal scores produced by the BioSecure monomodal reference systems (signature, face video sequences and fingerprint) and provides a fused score.

○ You can find below a detailed documentation about the submission instructions for the monomodal experiments:

-> submissionInstructionsMono.pdf


○ You can find below a detailed documentation about the submission instructions for the multimodal experiment:

-> submissionInstructionsMulti.pdf