Biometrics at TELECOM SudParis

Thu 26 Jan 2023








Data Sample




BIOMET: multimodal database

Acquisition platform

Five different modalities are present in the BIOMET database: audio, face images (3 cameras), hand image, fingerprint and on-line signature. For the face images, a camera prototype designed to suppress the influence of the ambient light, a 3D acquisition system prototype, and a standard digital camera were used.

Three different sessions, with three and five months spacing between them, were realized. For the video sequences and face images, the persons were asked not to take away their glasses. The number of persons participating to the collection of the database was 131 for the first session, 106 for the second, and 92 for the last one. The proportion of female and male subjects was balanced in all sessions. 10% of people enrolled were students (with a mean age of 20), others\' age varies from 35 up to 60 years.

Other Projects

XVISION: eXtended-Vision (2008-2009)

PFC: Plates-Formes de Confiance (2008-2009)

VideoID: Identification de comportements et de personnes par la vidéosurveillance (2008-2010)

KIVAOU: Analyse de séquences vidéo (2008-2009)

SIC: Sécurisation des Infrastructures Critiques (2007-2009)

BIOTYFUL: BIOmetrics and crypTographY for Fair aUthentication Licensing (2007-2009)

BIODEV: Biometric Visa Experimentations (2006-2006)

IV2: Identification par l’Iris et le Visage via la Vidéo (2005-2007)

VINSI: Verification d'Identite Numerique Securisee itinerante (2005-2006)

BIO_MUL: Biometrics Multimodalities (2003-2006)

SecurePhone: Secure contracts signed by mobile phone (2002-2006)

BIOLAB: Biometric Techniques Usages for Electronic Verification and Identification (2003)

BioSecure: Biometrics for Secure Authentication (2004-2007)

BIOMET: Multimodal Biometric Identity Verification (2001-2002)