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SecurePhone: a mobile phone with biometric authentication and e-signature support for dealing secure transactions on the fly

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Source: SPIE 2006, conference on Mobile Multimedia/image processing for military ans security applications
Authors: R. Ricci, G. Chollet, M.V. Crispino, S. Jassim, J. Koreman, M. Olivar-Dimas, S. García-Salicetti, P. Soria-Rodríguez
Keywords: mobile communications, multimodal biometrics, biometric authentication, electronic signature, security, encryption, m-business

Abstract: This article presents an overview of the SecurePhone project, with an account of the first results obtained. SecurePhone’s primary aim is to realise a mobile phone prototype - the “SecurePhone” - in which biometrical authentication enables users to deal secure, dependable transactions over a mobile network. The SecurePhone is based on a commercial PDA-phone, supplemented with specific software modules and a customised SIM card. It integrates in a single environment a number of advanced features: access to cryptographic keys through strong multimodal biometric authentication; appending and verification of digital signatures; real-time exchange and interactive modification of (e-signed) documents and voice recordings. SecurePhone’s “biometric recogniser” is based on original research. A fused combination of three different biometric methods - speaker, face and handwritten signature verification - is exploited, with no need for dedicated hardware components. The adoption of non-intrusive, psychologically neutral biometric techniques is expected to mitigate rejection problems that often inhibit the social use of biometrics, and speed up the spread of e-signature technology. Successful biometric authentication grants access to SecurePhone’s built-in e-signature services through a user-friendly interface. Special emphasis is accorded to the definition of a trustworthy security chain model covering all aspects of system operation.
The SecurePhone is expected to boost m-commerce and open new scenarios for m-business and m-work, by changing the way people interact and by improving trust and confidence in information technologies, often considered intimidating and difficult to use. Exploitation plans will also explore other application domains (physical and logical access control, securised mobile communications).