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VideoID: Identification de comportements et de personnes par la vidéosurveillance (2008-2010)

Video surveillance systems are quickly developing as they provide the right answer to secure assets and sites hosting public. For long time, these systems were very basic: caméras connected to display screens in a control room. Since several years supervision systems have been developed allowing the operators to concentrate their attention on areas of interest where an access control alarm or an intrusion alarm was triggered. Except for a very few systems, the images provided by the caméras are directly analysed by the operators.More and more video surveillance caméras are to be installed, however their operation remains very “manual” and the real time information provided by the caméras are largely underexploited. Using video surveillance, the Video-ID project aims to detect suspicious behaviour in real time or even slightly in advance before misdemeanour and to perform a formal identification of the author by face or even iris recognition. Using these identification data, a person can be tracked over a network of distant caméras, allowing determining the history of the displacements of the person and her/his current location. Even if not systematic, the identification sequence follows a certain logic: detection of abnormal situations or behaviours, recognition of the persons (facial recognition), formal identification (iris). All the partners of this project already have recognized skill in at least one of the identification sequences described before.

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