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BSEC 2009: the BioSecure Signature Evaluation Campaign

Pen-based interfaces on mobile platforms give nowadays another possible applicative context for signature verification algorithms. In the previous competitions, the First International Signature Verification Competition (SVC’2004) and the BioSecure Multimodal Evaluation Campaign (BMEC’2007), data came from a single sensor in each case : a digitizing tablet at SVC’2004 (although 2 tasks with different parameters were tested) and a Personal Digital Assistant at BMEC’2007. Also, in both cases performance was evaluated globally on all the persons of the database independently of any quality measured on the data. Finally the impact of temporal variability was not studied in both cases.

On the contrary, BSEC2009 (BioSecure Signature Evaluation Campaign) will be performed on the two existing largest databases containing the same persons, acquired on two different sensors : indeed, BioSecure Signature Corpus DS3 and DS2 are the first on-line signature multisession databases acquired in a mobile scenario (on a PDA) for DS3, and on a digitizing tablet for DS2. BSEC2009 aims at measuring the real impact of a mobile platform on algorithms’ performance on databases of large size. Another main aim of BSEC2009 is to evaluate algorithms’ performance according to information content in signatures.

The BioSecure Signature Evaluation Campaign has three objectives:

  • To measure the real impact of mobility acquisition conditions on algorithms’ performance, by using the two largest existing online signature databases containing the same persons: the BioSecure Signature Databases DS2 and DS3 provided through the Association BioSecure.

  • To evaluate the impact of time variability.

  • To measure the impact of the information content of signatures on algorithms’ performance, thanks to a protocol categorizing the data of both DS2 and DS3 in subsets. To this end, we will exploit the notion of Client-Entropy to categorize users depending on the quality of the signature (Complexity, Variability). Performance will also be measured on the complete databases for comparison purposes.

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