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BIOLAB: Biometric Techniques Usages for Electronic Verification and Identification (2003)

Using biometrics appears nowadays as an alternative or a complement to more traditional electronic identification techniques. Some companies already comercialize operational solutions, however the use of biometrics is still limited to some limited applications and to the forensic domain. This can be partly explained on the one hand by the need of technological improvements and of exploration of new biometric modalities and on the other hand by a misknowledge of the different habit situations.
The objectve of this project is the realization of an exploratory, multidisciplinary study allowing to consider some non technical aspects of biometrics.
The results consists of :
- a state of the art of most of the existing products and of the applications for which a biometric solution could be envisaged
- a study of the corresponding juridical aspects, including european comparisons
- a study of the sociological aspects of biometrics : the deployment of biometrics is related to the social representations of risk and security, of identity, to the relationship between identity and body
- the settlement of a first deploiement experience in the INT computer centre

Project reports

BIOLAB Final Report
BIOLAB- Biometrics Juridical Aspects Report
BIOLAB- Biometrics Sociological Aspects Report

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