Biometrics at TELECOM SudParis

Thu 26 Jan 2023








Data Sample




BIO_MUL: Biometrics Multimodalities (2003-2006)

Biometrics is the art of identifying a person from his physical or behavioral characteristics. Biometrics is an alternative to the traditional approaches based on a knowledge or a possession (such pin code). The objective of this project are: exploring new modalities and developing the concept of multimodality. The new modalities are primarily based on specific modes of acquisition: scanners 3d, differential active cameras in infra-red, distant and multiple microphones, magnetic resonance, etc. No one of the biometric monomodalities full fill the criteria of operation imposed by the majority of the applications. It has thus priority to develop the concept of multimodalities and this at various levels (i.e. united treatments, fusion of scores, etc.). This project is dedicated to a basic research, very upstream.

Other Projects

XVISION: eXtended-Vision (2008-2009)

PFC: Plates-Formes de Confiance (2008-2009)

VideoID: Identification de comportements et de personnes par la vidéosurveillance (2008-2010)

KIVAOU: Analyse de séquences vidéo (2008-2009)

SIC: Sécurisation des Infrastructures Critiques (2007-2009)

BIOTYFUL: BIOmetrics and crypTographY for Fair aUthentication Licensing (2007-2009)

BIODEV: Biometric Visa Experimentations (2006-2006)

IV2: Identification par l’Iris et le Visage via la Vidéo (2005-2007)

VINSI: Verification d'Identite Numerique Securisee itinerante (2005-2006)

BIOMET: multimodal database

SecurePhone: Secure contracts signed by mobile phone (2002-2006)

BIOLAB: Biometric Techniques Usages for Electronic Verification and Identification (2003)

BioSecure: Biometrics for Secure Authentication (2004-2007)

BIOMET: Multimodal Biometric Identity Verification (2001-2002)